Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Messiahs in fiction

This piece is posted for future reading of what I've just glanced through in the wikipedia about title.

Apart from featuring in several religions, the idea of a messiah or "chosen one" figure has been a key plot device in the genres of science fiction and fantasy.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Devil's Advocate

Mr. Dum Rusleigh is an enigmatic person with an infectious enthusiasm and a youthful zest for life. Many other superlatives both positive and negative would be appropriate to describe his persona and of a lifestyle that was envied among the land locked tribes of the remote Kingdom of Zelistan. Rusleigh is a lawyer by profession but has had to give up his law practice for blatantly abusing the lawyer/client privledge in a landmark case that he was charged and found guilty.

Zelistan is the country with several small bordering villages in a hilly region where transport is mostly by bullock cart or on foot. Rusleigh is among the few who has been awarded a governmnet scholarship and studied from abroad. On return, he became the promising youngster among the tribes who followed archaic traditions including 'hero worshipping' of their ancestors. This is where he fell out with his congenial elders, where his enthusiasm for modern ways of exploring what is possible saw him cross the line into what his elders considered inexcusable bounds.

In better times, Rusleigh was the dashing young man always ready to take on controversial cases involving people who were testing the limits of freedom in a society controlled by a few dominant interest groups. Rusleigh's father who owned several plantations and employed many workers for a meager wage is not at all pleased to find his son unwilling to fit into the hitherto acceptabale social mold. On several occasions, he advised his son not take up cases which would confront the authorities.

Zelistan was ruled by a king , an absolute monarch. He had a council of ministers to run the states day- to- day affairs . His majesty was consulted before any important decision was made. The king has set aside the most fertile lands in the country for his private use, some for his holiday retreats and one for a stadium and playground which is being used by an elite group at the pleasure of the king.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Jackal's Farm Life.

I am the new farm hand here and my name is Black. I never wanted to go to school and I consider myself lucky to get a job on Jackal's Farm.

Now I can provide something for my parents. But I have to work hard. I am up before the sun rises and often get to bed by midnight after finishing the day' work.

Farm life is not easy. I have to use cow and chicken manure to fertilize the fields. I have worked here for seven years but still find the smell of this manure nauseating. But I can't let the boss know about it. Sometimes I get agitated but the needs of my family has kept me going.

Fortunately, the muddy season when you are knee deep in the mud doesn't last for too long. But there is no shortage of work here, whatever the season. As if my work here isn't enough, I have to be a guide to day tourist visitors who find farm life quite fascinating. I show them the best of what this farm can offer, from how you milk farm animals to the robust plantations.

Over the years this work has become more than a job to me, it is my existence.

Friday, January 20, 2006

From Day Dreams To Reality

The world could be different. No wars, no conflicts, everybody living in harmony with each other. Communities interact and communicate without rancor and reservation. People moving freely across borders and engaging in trade without any racial prejudices. This would be an idealist's dream.

But the world is a messed up place, getting worse by the day. Racial and religious intolerance and ideological bigotry has unleashed a ruthless enemy; the terrorists of today and they are everywhere.

With the advent of the internet, communicating across the globe is a breeze. With modern and fast transportation, the world has become a global village. As a result new opportunities and threats have emerged. The digital divide between people who have access to modern technology and those that don't, means that the gap between the rich and poor have become even bigger.

Globalization is a part of life and is here to stay. Those who are against it claim that it has not reduced poverty instead it only enhances the opportunities for people who are already rich.

For better or worse we have to live with what we have. We have to live our best life so that we can make our best contribution.

This isn't a bad idea even if came from the dilusional mind of an individual who is fully exhausted and has dozed off under the shade of a banyan tree in the scorching sun.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Cosmic Invasion To Mars

It is not long ago that the invaders from the planet Earth who built a module on Mars for evil intentions were succesfully defeated in "Total Recall." Mars is under attack again, this time from yet unknown forces but believed to be from the same radical group that attempted to colonize Mars recently.

The forces that want to encroach Mars this time are believed to have escaped the the powerful reconaissance eyes during the total lunar eclipse of the Earth which lasted four long minutes.

Scientists on Mars are investigating how their communications observing the far frontiers of the Earth failed. They are now monitering an "Argos" like ship which is believed to be carrying a more powerful force than the one that was unsuccesful in the previous quest.

More on this story later.

Monday, January 16, 2006

A Rush Of Blood

All is not going well for the Fosters who have moved home three times in two years, first their beach front home was ravaged and completely distroyed by a hurricane. The relocated home which they managed to settle down in six months was brought down by an earthcake that took the lives of 500 people. John Foster heard the creak from the front entrance dooor of his single story house they just moved in.

Come in, yelled Mr. Foster
The door isn't locked.

Ah! It's so good to see you after so long, Phillipe.
Come in, come in. Take a seat. Jane is in the kitchen, I'll just call her, said Foster.

Phillipe: Good evening Jane, long time no see. I was around and thought I'll drop by unannouced just like the old times.
Jane: I thought you were dead, we've had one tragedy after another in recent yours.
John: Jane has'nt fully recovered from the loss of our son.
Phillipe: I'm really sorry to hear that.
John: Darling shall I help you bring the cookies you just just baked.
Phillipe: I can already smell the aroma, lucky me. Tea for me please.

Jane: What brings you here at this time of the year. Why din't you bring Pam with you.
Phillipe: I came for some work. My company has taken over the electrical fittings contract here.
John: You know, Phillipe. We bought this rosewood table we from an auction house here. Our furniture is minimal but we are happy.

Phillipe: I can never have enough of your home made cookies, can you tell your recipe to Pam.
Jane: No, No. Ask Pam to come over. Get someone to watch over the kids and bring her over.

John: Here's your bag.
Phillipe: I'll call you and come over after I finish the project.
John and Jane: We are so happy to see you. Spend a few days with us, we can go fishing up the creek.
Phillipe: Thankyou, thank you. Bye.